Reeperbahn The Reeperbahn is nothing short of a living legend.

Formerly a shady sailorman’s red-light district, during the Wirtschaftswunder days of the 1960s and 1970s the area functioned as a stepstone for pop-culture and the Beatles. Then an Eldorado for the uptight German middle-class to live out their clandestine yet blatant sexual desires, the district has started turning into an infinitely trendy neighbourhood in the 1990s. Now, bars and clubs can be found next to art galleries, cabarets, theatres, musicals and high-class restaurants. 


Red-light dive bars and trendy music clubs

The central street of Hamburg’s amusement district offers 930 metres of nightclubs, bars and pubs. Große Freiheit, Hans-Albers-Platz, Davidwache and Spielbudenplatz with its Panoptikum and the Operettenhaus are all must-sees for every tourist. Just off Reeperbahn you can find the Herbertstraße, a street that is off-limits to minors and female visitors because you will exclusively find brothels there. The red-light district has nevertheless lost most of its attraction and now people come here because of trendy clubs, restaurants, theatres and musicals. Along Reeperbahn, Spielbudenplatz offers two mobile stages and enough space for open-air concerts.

Clubs, DJs, Bands

Whether it is live acts or international DJs you want, Hamburg’s clubs offer the right tunes and atmosphere for everybody. Golden Pudel Club and Mojo Club acquired legendary status over the years. Molotow in its new location, Hafenklang, Kaiserkeller and Große Freiheit 36, Prinzenbar and Moondoo are all worth a visit. Ideally, you should just go with the flow for a night and browse through the less well-known corner bars, backstreet clubs and basement pubs. The music scene’s zeitgeist is never static or in one place only so no guided tour could ever keep up with it.

Reeperbahn Festival Hamburg

If you experience the unique atmosphere that is Reeperbahn Festival, you will always come back. Concerts, art, conventions and party all wrapped up into one big Reeperbahn event. You will find a multitude of outstanding music acts here, but it is the abundance of special events that makes the festival second to none in Europe. Reeperbahn Festival Music, Campus and Arts have compiled more than 400 single events; around 25,000 visitors from all over the world will be able to choose from all conceivable musical and artistic genres. More than 70 different venues of all sizes offer endless possibilities to explore and connect. Across all genres, Reeperbahn Festival is now a must go for the music and live entertainment business. In international music, there is no way around this unique event. In 2015, Reeperbahn Festival will present its wide array of shows and appearances for the tenth time already. Once again, we will find ourselves surprised, curious, delighted, provoked, we will meet old and new friends when all of Hamburg dances and sways to the rhythm of the music and the arts. Every year, Reeperbahn Festival takes place on the third weekend of September