Shopping in Hamburg Shopping on every Budget

Luxury shops and classy designer brands on Neuer Wall, popular fashion at Europapassage and Hamburg’s most prominent independent designers in Karolinen and Schanzen districts - the Hanseatic city offers trends and styles for everyone. In addition, you will find well-established department stores, vintage boutiques and quaint little speciality shops for every budget and taste.

Shopping on every Budget

Luxury Shopping

On the inner-city’s fabulous boulevards, Armani, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Prada are just some of the illustrious designer stores. Jewellers Cartier and Sönnichsen, perfumeries and experts in stationary such as Mont Blanc can also be found here. A shopping tour on Neuer Wall, Jungfernstieg or Colonnaden will inspire not only because of all the elegant goods on display in shop windows here, but also because of the magnificent architecture. From the Alsterarkaden, with their beautiful view of the city hall, you will pass by Mellin-Passage and its Jugendstil decorations towards Neuer Wall.

Close-by Jungfernstieg is lined with the finest 1920s merchants’ houses. On the opposite side of the Alster, people are out for a walk or hop on one of the Alster boat cruises. On Jungfernstieg, the famous Alsterhaus and other luxury shops are located. Levantehaus or the 60 different stores of Hanseviertel offer an equally stylish side of shopping. Hamburg’s many shopping malls will protect you from the drizzling rain.    

A Shopping Paradise for Everybody     

Europapassage, with its 5 floors and 120 different shops, is Hamburg’s largest shopping mall. A colourful mixture of fashion brands, book stores, shoe retailers, bars and cafés, right in the centre of the city. Both Spitalerstraße and Mönckebergstraße, between city hall and main station, are among the most frequented shopping streets in Hamburg. All the most popular brands and chain stores can be found here.

Teenage Shopping

Teenagers shop differently. They tend to enjoy the trendy glamour of inner-city stores like Abercrombie & Fitch, Urban Outfitters or Apple. Schanzenviertel is a shopping mecca for young people. It is here where they can find a multitude of urban bars as well as modestly priced fashion and second-hand stores.

Hamburg’s Designers

Hamburg is a fashion metropolis. World-famous designers like Wolfgang Joop, Jil Sander and Iris von Arnim established their brands here. In recent years, new brands such as Anna Fuchs, Herr von Eden, Garment and Alpenglühn came crawling out of the woodwork. Young talented designers create outstanding designs from their Karoviertel, Schanze or Ottensen based workshops.

Shopping on the less beaten Tracks

Hamburg is the kind of place where you can shop christmas tree balls in mid-summer. All year long, Weihnachten on Mundsburger Damm is a shop that specializes on christmas articles of all sorts.

For the last 70 years, former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt has bought his Elbsegler fisherman’s hats at Mützenmacher Eisenberg on Steinstraße. This Hamburg-own headgear has been produced here since 1892, with current owner Lars Künzel being Hamburg’s last remaining capmaker.       

Since 1879, Ernst Brendler has sold blazers, sweaters, coats and more exotic clothing such as safari boots, tropical linen shirts, straw hats and naval uniforms. If you wish to dress in a Hamburg specific modest way, you will find the typical muted colours here.

R.Maudrich GmbH specializes on bows and ribbons. At the address on Steintorweg you will find but a sign, asking you to ring the doorbell. Once you are inside, you will find yourself in front of floor-to-ceiling shelves, brimful of bows and ribbons in all colours and shapes. Colourful, creped, chequered, striped … you name it.

Shopping for Music      

It is safe to say that Zardoz on Schulterblatt is legendary and probably the best-assorted record store in Hamburg. Here you can find something for every taste, regardless if that is sixties, punk, soul, techno, indie or corny German schlager music. Hanseplatte record store offers local music only. The recordings of artists such as Tocotronic, Die Sterne, Fettes Brot, Deichkind, Dendemann or Anna Depenbusch grant the perfect opportunity to dive into Hamburg’s exciting and vibrant music scene.