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Through Hamburg Harbour many people left their home

Ballinstadt Hamburg Emigration

Ballinstadt – Emigrations from Hamburg

Between 1850 and 1939 Hamburg was the “gate to the world” for almost 5 million european emigrants. Through Hamburg Harbour many people left their home and started a new life in the new world. Ballinstadt is dedicated to these emigrants.

Emigration and the dream of a better future

From 1901 – 1906/7 Albert Ballin built more than 30 buildings at the Veddel where people who intended to emigrate from Germany were able to wait for their ship leaving Hamburg Harbour. Today only one last building is left, the “night-pavilion” at the Veddeler Bogen. In this dormitory people were dreaming at nighttime of a better life abroad. The building has been restored true to original. Actors re-enact scenes from the past in which people were waiting for their ship leaving for an insecure future. In pavilion one the organizers would like visitors to understand the meaning of such a decision, the kind of feeling one must have to be walking away from the well known into something totally strange.

In the other part of the pavilion an authentic dining hall has been built which will be available for events in the evening.

Exhibition with the theme “Emigration in Europe”

Also the second pavilion is rebuilt true to original. “Emigration in Europe” is the theme of the exhibition in this pavilion. The fictitious tour through the exhibition will start in the homecountry of the emigrants. The question why many of them wanted to emigrate will be the next aspect. Then the special circumstances Hamburg Harbour offers are discussed, and in the end the arrival in the target country with all its perspectives in the new world for the emigrants will be in focus. The essentials of this exhibition are emotions and information.

Through Hamburg Harbour many people left their home
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