The Jungfernstieg is one of the most exquisite shopping streets in the world

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Jungfernstieg – a place to stroll

The wonderful Jungfernstieg is located between the Reesendammbridge and the Gänsemarkt. It is one of the most beautiful and exquisite shopping streets in the whole world.

In front of the Binnenalster (“Inner Alster Lake”) you will find Hamburg’s most popular promenade – the Jungfernstieg. Its name leads back to a old tradition. A long time ago families came to the Jungfernstieg on sundays for taking a walk with their unmarried ladies, the damsels (german word: “Jungfer”). The name “Jungfern”stieg resulted from this rite.

Interesting is also that the Jungfernstieg was the first street in Germany to be asphalted. Demolition and rebuilding took away a bit of the former masterly architecture but there are still sights left in all their beauty – e.g. the gorgeous “Alsterarkaden”. It was renovated only recently. There are plenty of exquisite shops in the inner of the “Alsterarkaden”. Also in the passage at the “Hamburger Hof” you will be able to buy many special products.

The most traditional building is the Alster-Pavillon. At this place you can have a coffee and a phenomenal view over the Alster – and all this since 1799. One of Hamburg’s former mayors Max Brauer was sure that this was the most beautiful restaurant in whole Germany. Today you’ll find the Café Alex in the Alster-Pavillon. Right next to the Café there is the Alster-pier. It is just perfect to have a relaxing trip by ship after a shopping expedition.

The Binnenalster makes downtown a special place. The fountain in the middle of the lake turned into a special landmark of Hamburg City.

City map

Jungfernstieg 1, 20095 Hamburg


The Jungfernstieg is one of the most exquisite shopping streets in the world
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