City Hall

The location of the City Hall is south of the Binnenalster

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The City Hall is an impressive and eclectic building which was built in 1897. In the City Hall you can find the senate (State government) and the Hamburg Parliament. There are regular guided tours and exhibitions in the Rathausdiele of the City Hall.

Location: South of the Binnenalster

The current City Hall is the sixth one in Hamburg's history.

It took a while until the plans for a new building were made, which is why the Hamburg Parliament and the senate had to meet in other chambers for this period of time. Until 1885 it was impossible to reach a consensus on the submitted concepts.

Only when Martin Haller and six other architects founded the “Federation of the City Hall builders” in 1886 the planning was accelerated. 4000 wooden poles had to be put into in the Alster lake to be able to carry the weight of the 113 m wide, 70 m low and 112 m tall building.

After 11 years of construction the new City Hall could be consecrated in 1897. The back of the building was connected to the “Chamber of Commerce” and the “Stock Exchange”, which was built in 1841. Inbetween these buildings you will find a courtyard that reminds of a Piazza with its so called “Hygieia-fountain”. It is dedicated to the Greek goddess of health.

From the outside the City Hall is a building in the Neo-Renaissance style, but from the inside it is an eclectic mixture of different construction epoches. This is what makes the rooms appear huge.

Governmental funds and private aid money enabled a complex restoration of the City Hall from 1987 to 1997. From that time on there is a strict ban on smoking in the inside of the City Hall. The City Hall is open from 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. every day and there are diverse guided tours every day.

The big market-square in front of the City Hall is a constant venue for big events in Hamburg.


City Hall
The location of the City Hall is south of the Binnenalster
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