Mönckebergstraße Mönckebergstraße

New York has its Fifth Avenue, Hamburg its Mönckbergstraße.

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Opening Hours and Address

Möckebergstraße, 20095 Hamburg

Opening Times
Monday - Friday: 10:00 until 10:00 Uhr
Samstags 10:00 bis 20:00 Uhr
Opened beyond the closing times of the stores.    

Bus & Train
U/S Hauptbahnhof, U3 Möckebergstraße, Various Buses
Park House Gertrudentor, 1.900 parking spaces
Park House Saturn, 334 parking spaces
Park House Karstadt 300 parking spaces

Traditional shopping district

The Mönkebergstraße is the oldest traditional shopping district in Hamburg. Here – in the heart of the city, between Hauptbahnhof and the Rathausmarkt – is the home of large department stores, many fashion boutiques, but also small retail businesses.


On the Mönckebergstraße you will find stores such as Karstadt, Kaufhof, Karstadt Sport and one of the largest electronic entertainment and technology stores, Saturn. Next to the departments stores there is a series of fashion houses and various other small and large retail stores. Fashion for both him and her can be found, for example, at C&A and Peek & Cloppenburg. In addition men can look at Anson’s, Ladies at Appelrath & Cüpper. Young fashion can be found at Thomas-I-Punkt (high end) or H&M (cheap).

Here you can also find traditional Hanseatic stores, for example, Wiesenhavern (Photo, TV, HiFi) or the jeweller Gold Kraemer. This however is only a small section of the large diversity of stores on the Mönckebergstraße. The best thing is to go there yourself and find your favourite store.


Strolling under trees 

Tens of thousands of Hamburg locals and tourists stroll along the Mönckebergstraße under nearly 70 avenue trees. Nonetheless it never gets really cramped, as the Mönckebergstraße is closed for normal traffic leaving a lot of rooms for pedestrians. But be careful: The Mönckbergstraße is no pedestrian zone. Busses, Taxis and delivery trucks are able to drive through at walking pace.

Food and drink

On the broad boulevard of the Mö, adjoing cafés have set up their tables. While recovering from shopping, one can observe the bypassing crowds and drink a cappuccino or a cool beer. In Tschebull you can enjoy contemporary Austrian cuisine. As well as coffee and cake you can also find snacks and ice at the Stadtbäckerei Junge. For a snack there is also the Bretzelbäckerei Dischand or a good bratwurst can be bought at the Mö Grill. Popular for a quick rest is the Mönckebrunnen, which is found half way between central station and the town hall.