Haunted house Hamburg Dungeon

With an old elevator you descend deep under the Speicherstadt and into Hamburg’s dark chapters. In 90 minutes you will experience the great fire, the flood and the agony of historic torture methods.

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Haunted House - Hamburg Dungeon

Kehrwieder 2, 20457 Hamburg
040 360 05 520
Adults: 24,95 Euro
Children: 20,50 Euro
Not suitable for children under 10 years!
+49 1806 66690140
(0,20 €/min.German landline, Mobile max. 0,60 €/Min.)
English Tours:
Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and on special Bank Holidays at 10:00 a.m.
We also provide English Tours for Groups during the week at 4 p.m. In this case please contact us beforehand.

A visit to the dungeons

Tickets This is a place where the past comes alive to trap each visitor in the dark depths of 600 years of Hamburg’s history through spine chilling tales and twisted fables. The Hamburg Dungeon dissects the bits of history that are left out in the classroom. Read on to take a tour or even visit yourself, if you’re brave enough.

Elevator of Doom

Our visitors begin their journey by entering a rickety lift, assuming it will take them to the starting point of the tour. They are unaware that the lift will plummet at any given moment; will the beginning really be the end for our guests?

Old Library of Dark History

As the elevator spits our guests out into the dark and musty library, silence surrounds them. Figures move swiftly amongst the shadows, the stories within the book’s pages are coming back to life as tormenting nightmares.

Torture Chamber

Our guests are then lured into the torture chamber, which showcases Hamburg’s past toe curling techniques of medieval punishment. The Torturer describes, with relish, how in these dark times certain excruciating techniques were used to ‘make people talk’. He will try to tempt visitors to step up and experience the techniques for themselves in a dark demonstration of the most torturous chapter in Hamburg’s history.

Hamburg is burning!

It is 1842 and the flames rage through Hamburg destroying everything that they touch. Witness the terrifying event that changed the face of Hamburg forever, hear the screams as people flee from their homes … will you make it out alive?


You must be guilty or very guilty to find yourself in this court room and the inquisitor has little time for your excuses.

The Labyrinth of the Lost

In 16th century Hamburg being poor was seen as a self inflicted evil. Those living in poverty were condemned as idle and put to hard labour to redeem their souls. Filthy workhouses open to imprison peasants and put them through gruelling, back breaking work in order to save them from an eternity in Hell. Our visitors now find themselves in these squalid surroundings; can they find their way out through the maze of twists and turns?

The Plague Hospital

The plague has spread its tentacles of death across Europe and has now gripped Hamburg - again! Get yourself ready for a close encounter with the Plague Doctor.

Klaus Störtebeker

It is 1401 and the seas are ruled by lawless, brutal pirates, being outlawed in every country the pirates must scrape a living through mercilessly attacking and pillaging any ship that crosses their path. Our audience experience the execution of the world’s most notorious pirate, Störtebeker. Will the executioner be satisfied with one person’s blood or will he need more?


The ghost that strikes fear in the blackest of sailor’s hearts is waiting for our guests as they make their way through their torturous journey. They will learn her spine chilling tale, and how he chooses to appear whenever he pleases. Will it be tonight?

Harbour Gangs

Become part of the harbour gang and help them smuggle stolen goods. But you'd better watch out – the tollkeeper is already behind you and mercy would never come across his mind!

The Mad House

In the early 17th Century Hamburg build the infamous work house at the Alster where torture, beatings and fear was everyday business for the imprisoned. “Caution” – One wrong move and you could end up as a prisoner yourself.

Drop Dead

As the visitors flee the storm they are sent to the gallows. Visitors now become prisoners as they take their seats on the Extremis thrill ride. They are lifted 20 feet in the air and faced with a row of nooses and the booming, chilling voice of the executioner reading their rights before he pulls the handle, plunging visitors into the darkness below. Amongst the screams are thrilled smiles, making a perfect end to a perfect visit.