HVV Public Transportation in Hamburg

Getting around in Hamburg

Busses and Undergrounds

The Hamburg Public Transport Network (HVV) operates a comprehensive system of rapid transit and regional rail services and bus routes throughout Hamburg and its surrounding areas. There are also harbour ferries and night buses to complete their service. To help visitors out with their travelling costs there is a range of favourably-priced tickets on offer - for example, group tickets or one-day travelcards - as well as the Hamburg CARD and the Power Pass. The latter two entitle the holder not only to travel on public transport but also grant many further reductions on various cultural and leisure activities in Hamburg.

S-Bahn and U-Bahn Trains
The key element to Hamburg’s public transport system is the network of rapid transit and regional rail services focused on the city centre. There are four U-Bahn underground lines, six S-Bahn suburban lines and nine regional rail services to ensure rapid and direct links within the Hamburg region which are independent of the traffic on the roads. At the weekend and on public holidays the most important U-Bahn and S-Bahn rapid transit services run all night. At the same time there is a network of buses, consisting of many metro buses and some town bus lines which connect up with the rapid transit and rail services. More information: www.hvv.de

The rail network is complemented by an extensive range of bus services with metro buses (direct and very frequent services), express buses (more comfortable), sprinter buses and town or regional buses (connecting to stations and surrounding towns). More information: www.hvv.de

Harbour ferries
There are six ferry lines serving the harbour and the River Elbe. These routes have two-digit numbers starting at 61. You can therefore use your HVV ticket to “put out to sea” and even go on a little trip around the harbour. More information www.hadag.de

Getting around Hamburg by bike
If you prefer cycling you can use the public bike system “StadtRAD Hamburg” (CityBike Hamburg). There are around 80 stations where you can borrow a bike, and it is possible to return it at any other station. The first 30 minutes are free. You need a bank, credit or customer card. It is also possible to hire a bike by telephone. Hamburg is a very cycle-friendly city, with many wide avenues and bicycle lanes, as well as parks.
For more information visit stadtrad.hamburg.de